Broadband, boing

By | 8th September 2003

The Telewest men arrived this morning at 10.10 (they said they’d be coming between 10am and 2pm, so not bad at all) and did their thing. I asked for them to install the Cable Modem on the Ethernet port, which they did. Then, after they left I set about trying to make it work with my linux router. So far I have had no joy. I spent ages trying to get it to work via USB in windows, read various HOWTOs and stuff when I finally got it to play nice, it was by turning it off and turning it back on!

I’ve now rearranged the room, and I’m determined to get it to work with the Linux box, it just might take some time. I’ll give up for tonight soon, I have pudding brought to me and an interview in the morning I should prepare for a little. Going to the gym in a bit, too.

But I can surf again, woo! (yes, I’m sad; but at least I know it)

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