By | 27th September 2003

I got the job as projectionist at the new AMC cinema in Fiveways. I’m actually quite looking forward to it. I start on the 6th October and I have to go up to Manchester at some point for training.

This week has been one of those annoying “registration” affairs. I had to go into Nottingham on Tuesday and Thursday for no good reason and to find that I have to wait for a few days to get my student loan. Joy.

Hannah’s family are coming up today, so the house is getting a manicure 🙂

Money sucks.

One thought on “Job!

  1. Trev

    Best of luck with the new job at AMC. I work over the road from you at Bowlplex so I wish you the very best… and remember, you get staff rate bowling and pool with us!


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