Monthly Archives: February 2005

House Pics

There are some house pictures of the house “here.”:/house.html They’re pretty bad quality, but give some idea of what it’s like inside. We’re a bit concerned at the moment that the top of the chain wants to complete on the 4th April. They’re moving to a new build and the builder is applying pressure. That’s… Read More »

WordPress Upgrade

I’ve upgraded WordPress to 1.5. It was straightforward for me, although I had to hack one of the scripts a bit to deal with my dynamic php/css stuff. I managed to stuff up Hannah’s at first but a bit of hacking on the posts database fixed things. The templates seem pretty good, much better than… Read More »

Warning: hard sells don’t work on me

I really dislike being pressured into decisions. We started using an “independent” mortgage advisor when we first thought about buying a house. The way this worked was that we agreed a particular fee on completion of purchasing a house through him. At first it seemed like the right decision because we’ve never bought a house… Read More »

Assorted mumblings

I have, it must be said, been extremely slack with this blog lately. It’s not exactly that I’ve been doing nothing, just that I can’t find the enthusiasm to blog it. Things change. As readers of Hannah’s blog will know, we’ve made some progress on getting our first house. Things have moved very fast so… Read More »