Hyperemesis Gravidarum

By | 9th August 2006

FYI hyperemesis is no fun! It is basically an extreme form of morning sickness affecting (depending on what you read) about 3/1000 pregnant women.

Last week I had to go to hospital because I couldn’t even keep a glass of water down and had lost 6lbs in 5 days. Thankfully things are a lot better now thanks to:

1) More sleep at night and rest during the day

2) Wearing acustraps on my wrists all day

3) Sipping fizzy drinks

4) Giving up on meals altogether and eating little and often

5) Abandoning the healthy diet I was trying to have and just eating what I can keep down (at the moment that is mainly salad and fruit).

Hopefully it should have eased in about 4 weeks and, with any luck, will have disappeared completely by 20 weeks. I have my next midwife appointment on Friday – having all my bloods done then so I’ll be able to find out if my weight has started to go up again and if the funny diet has made me anaemic or not.

Off to Reading for the weekend to celebrate yet another year of me getting older! The best birthday present in the world would be for “Walnut” (nickname we’re currently using to refer to the baby) to stop making me feel sick all day. At least we know Walnut is still there!

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