12 week scan

By | 22nd August 2006

We finally had our 12 week scan yesterday.

We duly rolled into the waiting room for our 14.30 appointment and Hannah started drinking some water to make sure her bladder was full (as directed). We waited for over half an hour and nothing had happened, and Hannah’s bladder was very much making itself known. Eventually, I hunted down a midwife and she saw us first. Annoyingly, after all the bother with getting blood out of Hannah, they had lost/messed up her bloods and they didn’t have any results. Hannah was not in a very good mood by this stage, so we got the midwife to skip some of the things they’d normally do because they’re not relevant after the end of this week anyway.

Finally, we got called into the scan room and it all went a bit fast. There was none of the poking about trying to find the heartbeat I was expecting. The sonographer (is that a word?) plumped the probe straight down and found the baby straight away. The measurements tell us that hannah is (was) 10 weeks and 3 days into her term, 9 days earlier than we thought. It was amazing to see this tiny little thing waving its arms about and hiccupping. I felt a bit cheated because I wanted to just sit and watch it for ages. Too soon, it was all over and we were ejected back into the waiting room to wait for our photos.

All very exciting and now I can’t wait for the 20 week scan. Of course, there’s an incredible amount to do before then including moving house and registering with a GP in Devon.

The scan Click to enlarge

One thought on “12 week scan

  1. Liz Barnes

    Ah guys i’m so pleased for you both. Sending lots of love from both me and Rick xxx


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