Radiation and pregnancy

By | 8th January 2007

Isn’t life interesting.

Yesterday, Hannah told people that she didn’t want a chest x-ray. They said OK, and they’d do a V-Q scan instead which would give the definitive answer.

This morning somebody showed up with a wheelchair to take her down for a chest x-ray! They want to do a chest x-ray first and then, depending on the outcome of that, either a V-Q scan or another scan which I can’t remember the name of. The great news is that the other scan has more radiation than the chest x-ray and V-Q scan combined.

What a decision to make. This is making me realise that this is what we’re going to be doing for a while. Making decisions for somebody else when they have no say in the outcome. Hannah wants me to help her to decide but I can’t tell her not to have the tests because it’s not me that has to suffer with a PE if she does have one.

Of course, Google isn’t helping too much because for every argument there’s an equal and opposite one. (Newton’s first law of search engines)

In other news, Hannah finally had her cast removed today. Unfortunately, the doctor jabbed her in the wrist and, after removing her from the ceiling, told her that clinically it’s still broken and so she has a new (white) cast for another 3 weeks.

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