By | 7th June 2011


A frustrating week.

I was making good progress for the first three days last week. On target for 100 pullups each day, to bash out the next 1000 in two weeks.

Unfortunately, on thursday, I started to experience a pain in a muscle in my abdomen. I think I can trace it to straining it by twisting strangely while putting together a trampoline. It made anything that required engaging my core impossible including pullups.

Things got worse. At a gymnastics session that evening, I messed up a somersault on the trampoline and slammed my knee into my upper arm. This caused a surprising amount of pain and it’s still impossible to do anything approaching a pullup.

Today, 5 days after the event, the bruising finally came out. Oops.

I’ll just have to suck it up and rest until I can use my arm without pain or I’ll risk further setbacks.

I’m still ahead of schedule, but it’s getting harder to stick to so it’s a rough time to get set back.

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