I am a chronic dabbler. I have dabbled in a variety of things and occasionally write about it.

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  1. Jess Fowle

    Hi Joe and Hannah

    I’m the Creative Director of True North – one of the UK’s leading factual television production companies.

    I’ve just seen the article about Oscar in the Mail and I wondered if you could spare the time to have a chat with me on the phone.

    I’m just dashing to get a train at the moment but wanted to touch base as quickly as possible. If I don’t hear from you before then, I’ll follow up with a further email tomorrow to fill in some more details about True North and the sort of programmes we make.

    As you’ll see from our website http://www.truenorthproductions.co.uk, we make high profile, sensitive documentaries for a range of channels in the UK and abroad but I’d really like to talk to you about the possibility of working together on a documentary for BBC1.

    My mobile number is 07720 891550 and it would be great to talk to you.

    With very best wishes,


  2. Nicole Irlinger

    Dear Hannah and Joe,

    my name is Nicole and I work as a producer for RTL, the biggest German television network, from their London office.

    We read the article in The Daily Mail about you and your gifted son Oscar and we are really interested in and touched by the story as it is really unusual!!!
    We would really like to meet you and put together a little story for one of our news magazines. It would be great if you would write back (please see my e-mail adress above), probably leaving a phone number, to discuss in more detail whether we could film with you and Oscar. You can also email to rtllondon@rtl.de.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,



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