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12 week scan

We finally had our 12 week scan yesterday. We duly rolled into the waiting room for our 14.30 appointment and Hannah started drinking some water to make sure her bladder was full (as directed). We waited for over half an hour and nothing had happened, and Hannah’s bladder was very much making itself known. Eventually,… Read More »

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

FYI hyperemesis is no fun! It is basically an extreme form of morning sickness affecting (depending on what you read) about 3/1000 pregnant women. Last week I had to go to hospital because I couldn’t even keep a glass of water down and had lost 6lbs in 5 days. Thankfully things are a lot better… Read More »

I Hate Bananas

Having tried the suggestion several people made – to eat a banana to calm my morning sickness, I can tell you it really doesn’t work. After seeing it on the way back up all over me, the kitchen floor and in the washing up bowl (which was full of water- yuck!), I can safely say… Read More »

First Midwife Appointment

We met Dawn the midwife today. She is very nice and just how a midwife should be (plump and smiley). It is a pity that she won’t be my midwife for much longer – I’ll have to change all my healthcare provision when we move. She says that I’m 8 weeks pregnant and the baby… Read More »

Big Belly

I can’t believe it – I’m sure my belly is looking bigger already – but I think most of it is caused by bowel distension and water retention. I was rather taken aback today when the mother-in-law of the people buying our house asked “when are you due?”. I really thought it wasn’t noticeable! Slight… Read More »

It’s positive

…and so are we (I think). Scared witless, but generally pretty happy about it. We’ve done two tests – I guess because we couldn’t quite believe the first one and, once we’d almost come to terms with the idea, to make sure that it was still there. All a bit of a shock, really, but… Read More »