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Life’s grand


I am Adam, most powerful man in the universe! Well, maybe not. He-Man. Been looking at again.

Anyway, a quick rundown of my weekend. I rode up to Birmingham on thursday night and then Hannah and I went to the Peak District on Friday. We were going to go to Litton for a walk, but by the time we got to Ashbourne it was nearly 4pm and we still had quite a way to go, so we went to Dovedale instead. It were lovely, too. We climbed up the other side to Thorpe Cloud, not knowing the tourist haunts. We didn’t entirely follow the correct way up (if indeed there is one) and Hannah got very scared. I managed to get her up to the top, and we had a nice (very late) lunch.

We rode down to Reading on Saturday and spent Mother’s Day with her family and eating chocolate cake.

We got back to Winchester around 9 last night and managed to unpack before collapsing into bed. Lay in bed for an hour and a half after the alarm went off this morning, so I was about 15 mins late for work. Oops. Not that it’s a problem, flexitime rocks.

I’m off home for lunch with Hannah now, so nice to be able to do that. Boing.

Bored, so what’s new?


I’m bored. I got to work yesterday, wasn’t acknowledged by anyone except the Simon, who rabbited on about bikes, again. I started to feel ill (tired, mainly, headache, queasy, etc) so I waited for a while and then went home.

I was supposed to be moving departments yesterday, but nobody’s come to find me to move me or anything. I went to my new manager’s office just now, but she wasn’t there. I don’t know what else I’m meant to do, so I’ll just wait.

My right triceps really hurts. Don’t know why, I think it’s something to do with the bike.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of to whinge about for now. I’ll just go back to reading news.



Well I got to Brum OK. It was a bit slow around the M42, but I was able to filter through between the cars, feeling very smug :)

We went to studio cycling this morning, and I don’t think I’ve been so knackered in a long time. I thought I was going to pass out! Other than that, we haven’t done that much. We went to PCHell and paid off the national debt of a small country, buying a printer cartridge for an Epson C62. Stupid people.

We’re planning on going to Dudley tomorrow (impossible to say without affecting a terrible Black Country accent) for a picnic and a bit of a walk around Wren’s Nest. Should be nice, if we don’t get lost again.

I’m writing this as I wait for Hannah to get ready :) No time for considered writing, just an update today I’m afraid.

We’re off to see Carmina Burana tonight, feeling very tired, so I’ll probably sleep through it.

Right, that’s your lot, byebye.

What’s so civil about war, anyway?


I don’t suppose anybody isn’t aware of this but…

WE’RE AT WAR! and the stupid yanks have already killed a load of our guys.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how I feel about the war in Iraq.

A post, a post


Right, assuming I don’t mess this up somehow, this is the first proper post for my shiny new blog.

Where to begin, where to begin? I think I’ll have to assume that you know roughly who I am, and vaguely what I’ve been up to recently.

News in brief from the last few months…

I’m engaged. Hannah (my fiancée) and I have got a flat in Selly Oak, Birmingham here (ish) so that’s cool.

Stoopid Weblog


Gah, I’ve already started fiddling with the styles. All I wanted to do was add some links and now it doesn’t seem to be doing what I expect. I’m not sure if it’s because there isn’t enough content on the page for it to make the columns do what I expect.

So here’s a totally gratuitous post, I might even write about something interesting next time :-)

Welcome, halflings


Well, I’m slightly sad to say that I’ve finally caved in, mostly from boredom, and installed a blog on my site. I’ve gone for Movable Type, because so many people seem to rave about it.

I’m slightly concerned that I will become just another MT bore and spend all my time configuring the stupid thing instead of actually writing in it. Oh well, I’m just about to change the style of it, and then I’ll leave it for a bit.

I can’t promise intrigue, or even interest. I will try to post regularly, but I can’t promise anything. We’ll see how it goes. I might even last a week :)

Well there we are, that’s my first post, I should really do some work.