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Weekend up “north”


Hello. I wrote a nice long update for this a while ago and forgot to save it. d’oh. Of course, I can’t remember anything that happened in that post so it will have to go with me to the grave.

More recently (i.e. a short enough period in the past that my deficient memory can recollect it) we went to see Carl, Susie, Sooty and Sweep in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. We went up via Birmingham to break up the journey a bit, pick up some stuff of Hannahs and go to the gym. Oh, and undo all the good from the gym by having breakfast in Selly Sausage. You can probably guess what kind of breakfast that was.

Horses, pah


Well it’s been a while since I updated, so I’d better do it now. I’m at work an hour early, because I had to drop Hannah off at the station so she could go to work. Freezing it is, hmm? There was frost on the saddle, and Storm took ages to warm up. Teach me to forget to cover her up.

We had a lovely time in the New Forest, although we both had a touch of Gut Rot for some reason. Probably had something to do with eating an entire box of Terry’s All Gold, that Hannah bought me for an anniversary gift, in one day.

We went horse riding on sunday morning, which was quite fun. I haven’t ridden in about 10 years. We rode into the forest a short way and saw a number of deer, which was nice. Hannah was almost immediately complaining about her posterior. I thought I was fine, but it took a while to catch up with me.