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l33t haxxor


Some scummy little brazilian kid hacked the forum on one of my sites today. Wasn’t much point to it, and I reinstated it pretty quickly and easily. It will be even easier in future, now that I’ve backed up the database. Annoying, anyway.

Some people obviously don’t have anything better to do with their time. I think I might be one of them.

Googled baby


Yeah baby, yeah. You know when you’ve been “Googled”:

Number 1, baby. Not some name-stealer in the Essex police. Ha!

Driving me slowly mad


I’m a bit scared. The last time I drove a car on the road was in April 1998. That’s over 5 years ago. On 12th July I have to drive one of these:


from Winchester to Nottingham to Reading to Winchester. In light of this fact, plus the fact that I’ve got to do it again for my own stuff in August, I’ve booked a 2 hour refresher lesson with a local driving instructor. I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

The 6 films worth of photos we took while on holiday are now being processed. Should get them back next week. Good old truprint.

I’m also exceptionally bored at work at the moment. I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to do any work. It’s all so boring. I need a job where I actually find what I’m doing relatively stimulating and rewarding. This isn’t it. I don’t know if IT is the right business to be in. For some reason, I keep going back to the idea of being a driving instructor. I don’t know why. The problem with that, I feel, is that I have to consider myself good at something to feel I’m qualified to tell other people the right way. Therefore, I will need some time of owning and driving my own car, probably like to do some advanced driver training and then do the training and exams to teach. So I need money. That always seems to be the bottom line. I sometimes think I’d like to work in forestry. Today, I’m going to go out and clear some woodland. Hard, physical labour, but no office politics, and not stuck in a chair staring at a load of rubbish on a screen.

Ho hum, I finish soon. Woo.

Free, free as a bird


Right, then. I don’t post here very often, because I don’t have a lot to say. That’s what blogging is about though, really. Millions of people spewing rubbish into the ethernet (see what I did there?) and clogging up Google with their blithering.

So, I decided this morning to try a bit of a kind of free association-type experiment. I don’t really know how to go about this, though. I don’t tend to say much unless I have something to say…

Oh, bummer. I’ve just found out that what I was thinking of isn’t called free association. Free association is more like this:

Back to the grind



I have had a nice week’s holiday, and now I’m back at work. I don’t want to be. Only 19 more days here at IBM. How did that happen?

We had a nice ride down to Devon on Friday afternoon, it was chucking it down for the first half hour or so, but as we came down towards Stone Henge the sun was out and there was a beautiful sky. When we got to Taunton, I took Hannah on a bit of a sightseeing trip round some of my old haunts. It was the start of something I noticed the whole week. I was going to all these places and seeing and appreciating them as if it was the first time. Devon is beautiful, and I miss it.

I won’t bother to do a complete rundown of the week, I don’t suppose anybody would read it anyway.

Multi-cultural, innit


We had a nice evening last night. Went to our first GUI Test team meal. Hayfa did us a Malaysian meal. Vegetable curry, rice cakes, some nice potato fritter thingies, peanut sauce and some other yummy things.

It’s the first time in ages that I’ve had a good discussion. We talked about all sorts of subjects from getting wasted and making a fool of yourself to the death penalty and Sharia law. The thing I found most interesting was having people from such different backgrounds. It helps free you from the White, Western mindset.

We had 4 white, english (2 male and 2 female), 1 male Indian Hindu, 1 male Pakistani Hindu, 1 male Pakistani Muslim, 1 female Malaysian Muslim and a couple of others I’m not sure about.

It was a bit more enlightening than your usual houseparty conversation, anyway.