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Of Holidays, Landlords and Vans


Well, what a palaver.

We had a nice holiday in Anglesey. Relaxing, but we managed to fit in some fun/interesting stuff too. In brief, went to a Roman Fort, a slate museum, a castle and a museum of childhood. Beached a bit and climbed Snowdon.

We also got a bit of an earth-shattering call from our landlord-to-be. We were planning on moving into our flat today, but he called to say that the current tenants weren’t moving out. The situation now is that one tenant has moved out, the other is moving out today and we’ve cancelled the van for today. Now I can’t get hold of the landlord so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to move in tomorrow or not. There are issues with getting keys and also booking another van at such short notice. To top it all off, my previous landlord has dragged his feet over returning my deposit, I should be getting it in the post tomorrow minus £50 for cleaning. Gah.



Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!

Looking forward to holiday time. We’re going up to Anglesey on Friday and staying for 9 days. We’re camping “here”: (I hope :-) Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can enjoy the beaches.

Had a totally knackering day on Saturday. Got up early and drove down to Winchester. Picked up a van, filled it with my junk (belongings) and drove it back to Reading. Emptied it. Had lunch. Filled it with junk (literal, this time) and drove it to the tip. Emptied it. Drove back to Winchester and returned the van. I cut the grass and picked blackberries and plums while Hannah cleaned and tidied (what a girl). Then we drove back here and moved my stuff around some more to make it a bit more habitable.

I have *never* sweated so much in my life. I had my shirt off for most of the time and the waistband of my trousers were soaked. We got stuck in traffic on the A34 and it was like being in an oven. Hannah was dropping off. I just drank and drank and drank at every opportunity and I still don’t think I replaced all the fluid I lost.

Today I have painted a small computer cabinet that I’ve made for the gateway for our flat. I’m not very impressed with it, hence the paint to cover the multitude of carpentry sins. It was made out of odds and ends left over from Jon’s room refurbishment, however.

It’s Hannah’s birthday on Thursday, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. She finishes work on Wednesday, though, so that’ll be nice. I’ll get to see some more of her.

Happy Birthday To Me


Well, what a wonderful birthday.

We drove up to Birmingham on Monday night. We found the hotel without incident and it was quite adequate. Quite a sizeable room, and we went out for a nice meal at and watched You Only Live Twice

On Tuesday morning we got up at 06:05, I felt horribly sick and didn’t want any breakfast. Nerves, I think, as it passed after a while. We left 45 minutes ahead of my interview to make a 4.3 mile journey. We got stuck in traffic a bit, but it wasn’t too bad. The route went according to plan to the very last minute when I took a wrong turn, literally a couple of hundred metres from my destination, and with 10 minutes to spare. I suddenly found myself on a large road, heading out of Birmingham at speed. It took me about 15 mins to get turned around and heading back in the right direction, and then couldn’t find the junction I’d taken the wrong turn at. So I was driving around going frantic.

I finally turned up 13 minutes late, to be told that I’d missed part of the initial briefing, so I couldn’t attend the interview. Gutted.

They’re going to send me a new date. It’ll have to be after I’m living in Birmingham. I’m not going to make another special trip.

Hannah took it badly as she blamed herself for giving me the wrong directions. It’s not worth casting blame, these things happen.

After we’d calmed down a bit, we went to Cadbury World, which was quite fun. They give you too much chocolate, though. They give you just enough to make you think you should eat it there and then, but it’s also just enough to make you feel a bit sick :-)