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I got the job as projectionist at the new AMC cinema in Fiveways. I’m actually quite looking forward to it. I start on the 6th October and I have to go up to Manchester at some point for training.

This week has been one of those annoying “registration” affairs. I had to go into Nottingham on Tuesday and Thursday for no good reason and to find that I have to wait for a few days to get my student loan. Joy.

Hannah’s family are coming up today, so the house is getting a manicure :)

Money sucks.

New Term


Well, I’m about to start back at uni. It’s going to be quite weird, I think. This week is just admin rubbish, next week lectures.

I had an interview with AMC Theatres last week for a job as a projectionist, which I think could be very cool. I was shown around the projection rooms, which was pretty interesting. Big bad-boy amps and Dolby Processors. I reckon I stand a reasonably chance of getting a job there, but I have to wait 10 days or so to find out because they’re still interviewing, and the cinema doesn’t actually open until the end of October. I’d have to go up to Manchester for some training. So now I’m looking for something that starts *now*

Grumble, grumble.



My arms hurt. I keep hitting Capslock instead of shift and my hands can’t grip anything. I just carried a 21kg TV back from Currys to the flat. A distance of just under a kilometre, according to “”: but it felt like miles. I hurt. That is all.

Information Overload


I’ve been generally faffing the last week. Actually, it’s been quite a busy week, thinking about it. Last weekend seems a long time ago.

On monday we had cable installed. I have spent quite a lot of time playing with stuff this week to make stuff work on the network. I think I’ll write that up in the extended entry. Read it if you’re bothered, other stuff will be in the main entry.

On tuesday I had an interview with Travel West Midlands. I left early anticipating heavy traffic, but the journey went smoothly and I didn’t get lost this time. I then had to sit through a 2 hour briefing before doing a bit of a written test, which was pretty easy (I got full marks on the highway code section without revision).

Then I had to go out for a little drive in a minibus which went pretty smoothly. So assuming I had satisfactory references and passed the medical, I basically had a job. However, the terms and conditions are pretty binding.

* I had to agree to a block of 10 solid days training, plus the theory test and actual test, therefore I would have to miss some of the beginning of term
* I have to sign up for 2 years minimum, if I leave for any reason (including sacking) in the first year, I pay them £1000. £500 in the second year.
* I have to commit to at least 2 days a week.

Now, I initially agreed to that, and they rush booked me a medical for thursday morning. I got home and talked it over with Hannah and we thought I should do it. I then agonised over it all evening and talked to “carl”: and decided against it. Basically, I can’t make that kind of commitment in my final year at uni.

So now I have to find a job. I’ve applied to Woolworths and Waterstones and I am now looking at some places in the Bullring and the job paper. I’ve got to make a concerted effort on Monday, I might have to go and talk to Sainsbury’s. At least I know when I should be able to work now. I’ve looked at the timetable for my chosen modules and changed them slightly so that I’ll have monday and wednesday completely free. Fits in nicely with being able to go to Tae Kwon-do on tuesday and thursday, too.

Today, Carl and Susie came down from Nottingham and we all went to the National Wedding Show at the NEC. It was all quite nice, and Hannah tried on a beautiful dress (it was only £1650!). We’ll have to try and find somewhere that’ll make something similar for a lot, lot less. We’ve also found someone who will make us our rings. I was surprised how reasonably priced it is to have them custom made. I’m going to go for a titanium ring. I don’t know about any symbolism of it being made of gold, but I reckon having a circular band that’s pretty much indestructable by normal means is symbolic enough of our love for each other. Forget tradition :-) We had a laugh at the catwalk show, which was actually highly entertaining and got fleeced for a couple of baked potatos in the food bit. Swines, I’m still bitter about that.

Anyway, then we met up with “jon”: and legged it across town to see “susie’s”: brother “mike bethel”: performing as part of Birmingham Artsfest and bought his new album “Opaque”: (I’m sure he’ll be willing to sell you a copy if you can’t find it at your local record store, that link’s got some demos) and then went and had food at the nearest Wetherspoons before coming home. All in all a very civilised and pleasant day. We’ve got enough magazines, brochures and bumph to keep us going for a while, too :-)

Broadband, boing


The Telewest men arrived this morning at 10.10 (they said they’d be coming between 10am and 2pm, so not bad at all) and did their thing. I asked for them to install the Cable Modem on the Ethernet port, which they did. Then, after they left I set about trying to make it work with my linux router. So far I have had no joy. I spent ages trying to get it to work via USB in windows, read various HOWTOs and stuff when I finally got it to play nice, it was by turning it off and turning it back on!

I’ve now rearranged the room, and I’m determined to get it to work with the Linux box, it just might take some time. I’ll give up for tonight soon, I have pudding brought to me and an interview in the morning I should prepare for a little. Going to the gym in a bit, too.

But I can surf again, woo! (yes, I’m sad; but at least I know it)

New Beginnings


A lot has happened since my last post. I’ll try to be reasonably brief…

We did eventually move into our flat reasonably smoothly. We hired a pretty big Luton van (it had a tail-lift and everything, fun!) which I drove. We picked it up at 8am, drove home, and then it was all hands on deck to load it up. Then we drove up to Brum and I pretty much unloaded it by myself while Hannah started the mammoth cleaning job. We were a little depressed when we got here, everything seemed a lot more dirty and dingy than we remembered and it smelt of old fag-ash. Then I went up to Hannah’s old house and moved most of her stuff downstairs and then we loaded up the van with that stuff (considerably less than before) and drove down and unloaded it. The fridge and freezer were both totally iced up so we spent quite a while defrosting them before I drove back to Reading, leaving Hannah to carry on cleaning. By the time I got back to Reading I was absolutely shattered and almost fell asleep in the bath. I returned to Birmingham in the morning and the unpacking began. Amazingly, we were basically unpacked by the end of that day.

We went to a wedding at the weekend. Hannah’s parents hired a Rover 75 estate and I drove it so Charles and Paula could drink. Another interesting driving experience. It was a lovely car to drive and bigger and more luxurious than any other car I’ve driven. I wouldn’t say no if someone happened to give me one :-)

Hannah started lectures on monday (1st September) and I started on the flat. The landlord and his missus came and started decorating and brought paint for me to do the bedroom. This last week, then, I’ve painted the walls, ceiling and woodwork of our bedroom (which took a lot longer than I had expected, the ceiling had to have 3 coats to cover the purple that the previous tenant had painted it) built a shelving unit in the living room, bought a rug to cover the horrid carpet, sorted out a washing machine and lots of other little things, like putting up pictures and fixing stuff. The kitchen and toilet have both been redecorated and the whole flat is feeling much more pleasant and homelike. If I never see another paintbrush I’ll be happy. The only things remaining to be sorted out are ‘phone and Internet (Telewest are coming tomorrow, this post courtesy of Zempt) and a TV.

In upcoming news, I’ve finally got another interview with Travel West Midlands. After last time’s problems, they sent me a new date, which was the 22nd August; while I was on holiday. I phoned them to tell them and the said they’d sort out a new date, after the 26th. I got back from holiday to find a letter telling me I had an interview on the 22nd. Argh! Anyway, I’m hoping it will work out, otherwise I’ll have to find some more mundane job.

Should be meeting up with Carl and Susie next weekend, at a Wedding Fair of all places. We’ll also be going to hear Susie’s brother, playing in some festival or other in Birmingham. From what I’ve heard of his stuff, he’s very good. I think he has an album out called Trees, or something like it.

I’ll try to post more regularly and less mundanely when I’ve got broadband again.