Joe Blogs



Much has happened lately, nearly all mundane and non-bloggable. I have found myself with writer’s block every time I attempt to write something.

I find myself in childish anticipation of Christmas this year. Probably mostly for selfish reasons :-) Hannah has done well and I have no idea what she’s got me. She’s normally as effective as a town crier at keeping a secret :-) Jon has got his mum in on buying my present and although I have an inkling of what it is, I don’t know for sure and I wanna know now!

This is our second Christmas together, and we’re spending Christmas Day in Reading and Boxing Day in Devon. We’ve hired a car for the Christmas period, which is very nice. I’d decided I wanted to mainly for convenience (so we can carry all our presents ;-) and it’s just as well. Hannah’s been pretty poorly with a chest infection, so warm and dry was a good thing.

Work has been OK, although I had a series of dreams involving everything going wrong. It was all very stressful. I have a lot of uni work to do over Christmas, too. Speaking of which, I’d better go and do that now.


So cold


Stupid cold weather.

I wanted to be on campus nice and early this morning. Then Storm didn’t want to start from the cold. When I got her started, I drove down to the petrol station to fill up. The filler cap was frozen, and I couldn’t get the key in. So I bought some de-icer and managed to get the key partially in. Then I somehow managed to bend the key. I noticed it was started to exhibit signs of a stress fracture, so I had to go home and get the spare key. Then went back and filled up, but now it’s being a bit temperamental about turning in the ignition. Woo hoo.