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People: Good or Bad?


Sometimes things happen that really make me dislike people. For instance, this week Hannah and I finally filled in our passport applications and posted them off to our respective “professional person who has known you for 2 years or more” (of which more later). A few hours later, we had a knock on the door and I was greeted by a couple of rozzers with a plastic evidence bag. Inside said bag were our applications, sans my birth certificate, Hannah’s old passport, cheque and our photos.

Some scumbag had reached inside the post box and swiped them, along with someone else’s random envelope. So now we have to go through it all again, and pay more than before. Swines.

On the other hand, it only takes small things to help restore my faith in humanity. Yesterday, the whole of Birmingham skidded to a halt when a little sleet mixed with a bunch of salt and then Jack Frost arrived. Cue massive traffic jams and people taking many hours to get home. In the midst of this, a couple of students were apparently walking down between the queues of traffic handing out free coffee and biscuits.

A brief complaint about passport applications. Why should the person who endorses your photos be a “professional”? How many bent lawyers are there? How can we be a democracy when we make such arbitrary rules. Pah.

Oh, just one more thing. Snow is far less exciting in the city. It’s just white that turns to sludge and then freezes on to everything in sight. Grumble.

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