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Wedding Photographers


Well, I have to say I almost jumped for joy when I read this article:

That’s 400 customers who now have a better chance of a decent wedding photograph service. Elegante SUCK so badly it’s untrue. Still, we’re now getting 6 substandard storybooks out of them for nothing instead of paying for 3. We now have to hack them about a bit to make them less naff, and it’s over 7 months since the wedding.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a decent wedding photographer particularly in the Midlands and even more particularly in the East Midlands, you should really get in touch with my best man, Carl Ebrey. He’s done some lovely work and if I’d known at the time how bad Elegante would be I would have had to find another best man and made him my photographer.

All things nano


Well, what a week.

We finally had somebody in on Friday to replace our boiler. Much daydreaming of a warm house and hot baths was done, only for our hopes to be dashed when there was a fault with the boiler. The NEW boiler, mark you. Grumph. Other aspects of our life have been rather stressful, too, so we went out for pizza at Pizza Hut to get away from the house for a bit.

First amazing thing:

We took some Cheezly with us to see if we could persuade them to use it on Hannah’s pizza instead of normal cheese. I had some hope I could convince them, but thought I’d have to ask the manager to step outside in the process for some softening up. I was totally wrong-footed when the waitress took it away to the kitchens without quibble and was very attentive to Hannah’s needs from then on. Big brownie points to Pizza Hut.

We then went to Sainsburys where I let Hannah do the boring shopping while I found the cheap CD section and blew a load of Christmas money on a large stack of them. (I’ve got a couple of years of catching up to do :-)

On Saturday morning, a man came to fix our new boiler. It’s ALIVE! It’s so nice to wash one’s hands in warm water and not end up with numb, red hands each time one uses the lavatory.

After lunch, we went to pick up the new additions to our little family. Lucy and Erin are Russian Dwarf hamsters (and are definitely not rats). They’re extremly cute and tiny, nano-sized perhaps.

After that, a voucher-spending blowout at John Lewis. We each had £250 worth of vouchers to spend. I had set my heart on an iPod Nano since they first came out. My confidence took a knock with the duff screen shenanigans, but I still wanted one. A black, 4GB one. Having stock in id January didn’t seem to be asking too much, but John Lewis as a whole didn’t have any and weren’t getting any until February. Nuts, I thought. I agreed to take Hannah anyway, to take advantage of the sales. I took my vouchers anyway, on the offchance that I might get something else.

I’d almost convinced myself that I could make do with a 2GB model, which they did have in stock. But really, what good is a 2GB mp3 player when you have nearly 30GB of music? I have never really liked the iPod proper, so I hadn’t really considered getting one. For a reason I can’t put my finger on, I really did not like the iPod Nano after handling it. I dithered around the various Creative models and didn’t really like them either. Eventually, I took a proper look at a full size iPod. How they have changed! I guess that the last one I really looked at in detail was a 1st or 2nd generation one and I thought it was clunky looking and plasticky (and I don’t like them in white. shock, horror). So, the only models they had in stock were all black, 30GB Nth generation. I really liked them! I am now the proud owner of one of these beauties and currently trawling through my music collection to sanitise the id3 tags before putting the WHOLE LOT on my player. I am not a particularly patient person, but I have a problem with organisation of my music. It makes up for my lack of organisation in all other areas of my life, I guess.

So, that’s me for the rest of the day ;-)