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I am now an RHCA

I wanted to be as blasé about it as when I got my RHCE but I’m just not. It feels damn good to have joined the l33t ranks of around 170 RHCAs worldwide. It was hard work, and my brain is hurting.

How very Web 2.0


I decided to try some kind of centralised Todo list management again so I had a proper look at Remember The Milk and it’s very nice.

However, the thing that makes it really compelling is the variety of different ways to access the list. I discovered that I can add items by sending a direct message to RTM via Twitter and I can get reminders via MSN or Google Talk.

I then further discovered the wonders of twirssi. Since I spend most of my working day in and out of IRC (for legitimate works reasons ;-) I was looking for a way to avoid having to go to yet another website or application every time I want to add something to my todo list. Now, I can simply tweet a message like “d rtm bank at 2pm” and it shows up in my todo list. With twirssi, I can simply type /r bank at 2pm in my IRC client and the same happens.

Very Web 2.0, but I think it’s very cool.