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Garden Update


Another week away has seen the courgettes go mad. We took a few with us on holiday, when there were just a few. Now there are a few showing signs of gigantism and lots of little ones on their way. The carrots are finally starting to develop into things that look (and taste) like carrots.

We’ve had a few baby carrots and several courgettes in stir-fries already. The onions are very slowly developing and the pumpkins are have 4 or 5 “fruits” (?) developing ranging from a couple of inches in diameter to small swellings below a flower. The butternut squash isn’t doing much beyond flowering yet, and the spinach beet has become a hedge. I don’t really know what to do with it now it’s so big. Paula suggested cooking some and freezing it like ice cubes to use in cooking later. Might be a solution.

Photos follow:





Tiny Pumpkin!