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What is this?


I’d be interested to know if somebody can identify this (it’s a little larger than a squash ball:

UPDATE: The prize goes to Carl:

It appears to be an air stone for fish tanks/ponds.


Since yesterday evening it found its way through our rear windscreen:






I’ve held back on the vitriol, but if I could get hold of the person responsible, I’d happily introduce their head to both the missile and the glass.

Grok Runs Barefoot


Today I ran a 5K “Fun Run” organised by Microsoft on the business park I work on. The event was in aid of the NSPCC. I’d heard there was a prize for best costume, and I figured a caveman costume gave me a good excuse to run it barefoot.

I didn’t win the best costume prize, but I did win the “Most Creative Way of Completing the Course” award, and got a nice calf massage afterwards from a nice Microsoft Wellness lady :-)

Followed up with SOSSIDGES. A modern persistence hunt. I ran them down until they threw themselves from the barbecue into my mouth!

Hannah, Oscar and Paula came along to watch, and I met Colin‘s lovely wife, who came to check out whether I was keeping my word :-)

It was a lot of fun. The stoney bits were challenging but I coped with them OK and finished pretty strong. No idea about my time, because I didn’t remember to time myself. Hardly world-beating ( a lot slower than the “winning” time of something under 19 minutes ), but it felt faster than the 3-mile run in March.

UPDATE: I should mention the excellent response I got for both the costume and the bare feet. Lots of encouragement, clapping and whooping and “amusing” comments. My favourite, heard a couple of times from different people “it’s depressing when you’re overtaken by a barefoot caveman”. *grin*

Click on the photo below for the full set on Flickr:

Microsoft 5K Fun Run

The grass is greener


Our “lawn” is looking decidedly unhappy, so I decided to give a bit of love to a section of it.

I used a garden fork to aerate it a bit, and tried to sweep sharp sand into the holes. Seemed to leave a lot still above ground, at the roots, but I left it. As I was packing up, I found some lawn feed in the garage, so I chucked a bit in a watering can and gave the bit I’d worked on a drink. I’d run out of sand, so I gave up at that point.

Yesterday, I noticed something…odd.

The dark green bit is the bit I worked on. I wasn’t expecting such a noticeable change!

The downside is that now I feel compelled to treat the rest the same way. More work.