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Daddy I love this!


What with all my research into barefooting and minimal shoes, it’s bothered me that many of the shoes that Oscar wears are kind of clunky and inflexible, or have a heel.

We know about Soft Star Shoes in the US, but there isn’t anywhere in the UK that does anything like that for adults that I’m aware of. Terra Plana do some nice shoes, but are on the pricy side.

Recently Hannah found out about Daisy Roots, who make the sort of footwear you see on toddlers, but do it up to a size suitable for 3-4 year olds. We ordered a couple of pairs, and they arrived today.

I put a pair on Oscar when he got back and he immediately wanted to get out of the car and try them out. Here’s a video of him:

He literally just ran in circles, laughing and shouted “Daddy, I love this!”. They might be a bit big, as he’s scuffing a bit as he runs but the next size down seemed a little too small.

We got two pairs:

All in all, highly recommended if unfortunately limited in the long-term. The largest size will be fine for quite a while, giving us a chance to find an alternative longer term.

100 pullups in one day


Well, that was kind of unexpected.

Today I hit the target that I wasn’t aiming to hit until December! I managed 100 pullups in one day, in many sets, maximum set of 10 a couple of times.

It means I can relax a bit and take a chunk of a few days to recover, as I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated about how many I can do in one set. I can do a set of 10 pullups, but still only 5 chinups with the 5th generally quite a struggle. If I take 3 or 4 days of in a block I shall probably see some improvement.

20,000 pullups minor update


Over the weekend, I quietly reached a little milestone.

That’s right, I’ve done over 1000 pullups. 5% of the way towards my goal. There are an awful lot more to do, but it feels good to have made that milestone. Especially since my shoulder was giving me some real gyp (cue ratholing into etymology of that term, I stand by it despite mild issues with racial slurs) and I was worried I was going to have to take real rest or give up.

Instead, I have been able to overcome the problem. I have taken great care with my form, and rested when I felt it was necessary. On good days, I’ve far exceeded my target so that I can rest on other days. My barefoot running has taught me well in this area. My barefoot running peers are always harping on about “listening to your body” and it seems to work in more general practice. I have so far failed to find the best resource for learning “good form”, but instead have just paid attention to what feels right, but avoids imbalances (like a limp, but in the shoulder).

I’m not much further forward with sponsorship. I contacted the Cardiac Care Unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, and I am awaiting some information from them. There is no dedicated charity for the specific area I want to raise money, but there is “The Cardiac Fund” which may be a registered charity. I may then need to convince them to sign up with NotJustGiving (i.e. somebody who won’t fleece them out of an annual fee IN ADDITION TO a 5% cut of the monies raised. *grump*

Possiblities so far: