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Milestone: 25% of goal reached


After reaching 4000 pullups not so long ago, I had a patchy few days so I decided to set a mini goal. I aimed to reach 5000 by the end of saturday, which required maintaining a decent daily rate for 4 days, allowing me to take sunday off guilt-free.

As it happens, I managed 2 days of over 100 pullups so I decided to push hard on friday to see how close I could get.

I pulled off 175 pullups, beating my previous daily best by 25 and taking my total to 5001 (and giving me the chance to take 2 days off).

So that’s 25% of my goal. Perhaps a reasonable time to remind people to head over to and donate some money to my cause.


Been slacking, but hit 4000 pullups


The last few weeks have been pretty disruptive, what with Hannah having her PFO closure operation at the London Heart Hospital and such. I’ve struggled to consistently maintain a decent number of repetitions as you can see from the graph. Fatigue and busyness have been annoying me, but I did make it to 4000 pullups a few days ago and I’m a few hundred pullups ahead of schedule so I’m still on target. It’s getting harder to keep it up, though.

Donations might help keep me focussed, so head on over to to donate :-)