Monthly Archives: May 2003

Biking again

Woo, got Storm back this morning. £229.63 IIRC, to straighten the forks, replace the rear tyre, replace a brake lever and put it through the MOT (which it passed) including labour. A bit better than £750 for the forks alone. The choke is still sticky, though. He forgot I’d asked him to look at that.… Read More »

Bikes, rain, illness and superheroes

Had a complete ‘mare last week. On top of having my bike cover stolen, my worst fears over Storm’s service were confirmed. I rode down to Chichester, and was given a complete hunk of junk of a Honda CB500 to ride back. “It’s got some petrol in it, apparently”. I took that as “it’s not… Read More »

People are scum – period

I don’t know why I used that horrific Americanism, period. Too late, no retractions. Last night I had an experience which made me lose all respect for humanity. I woke up around 3.30am and, being paranoid, made my customary out-of-window survey of Storm. Something wasn’t quite right. She was there, but I could see something… Read More »


Today I have not achieved a great deal. I have suffered a failed sale my panniers, but have another potential sale with somebody else. For those who do not know, I have been on a selling spree. I’ve so far sold some Java books and a pair of inline skates. I’m also trying to sell… Read More »

Virus Infected Spam, Spam, Spam

Afternoon. A lovely weekend. I did middle-aged, middle-class things like getting sunburned while cleaning my bike and cutting the grass with my shirt off. It’s still nice now, and I didn’t really want to come back from lunch. I had a phone call from Mum this morning about an email she’d had from a friend… Read More »