By | 9th May 2003

Today I have not achieved a great deal. I have suffered a failed sale my panniers, but have another potential sale with somebody else. For those who do not know, I have been on a selling spree. I’ve so far sold some Java books and a pair of inline skates. I’m also trying to sell another book, a keyboard, a tank bag (if you don’t know what it is, you probably don’t need it) and some CD racks.

Pointlessly boring post this, isn’t it? I’ve also booked some holiday, I’ve got a week off near the beginning of June. Hannah and I are going to go and visit lots of beaches in Devon like I haven’t done in years. I miss that. I don’t think I can take a body board on a bike. I’ll have to hire one. The service is coming up and I’m getting more and more nervous about the costs. The dealer’s letting me borrow a Honda CB500 for the day, but I have to pay ?25 for the privilege. Mutter.

I can’t think of anything else to say. I’m making this post from SharpMT, so I hope it will get there OK. I’m going to go home soon, I think. Bored.