People are scum – period

By | 12th May 2003

I don’t know why I used that horrific Americanism, period. Too late, no retractions.

Last night I had an experience which made me lose all respect for humanity. I woke up around 3.30am and, being paranoid, made my customary out-of-window survey of Storm. Something wasn’t quite right. She was there, but I could see something that I usually can’t. Wing mirrors! Something that shouldn’t be visible when covered in a heavy-duty cover.

Some scrote’s nicked my bike cover! This is not some cheap job from Argos for a fiver (that’s in my porch). This was the ~£40, heavy-duty, reinforced job that can be put on the bike while the bike’s still hot. @*%^!

Now, this may not seem a big deal to you but I feel violated. Knowing that while I slept some dreg of humanity was creeping around on my property and removing my belongings makes me quite irate. I don’t know if it was a prank (I am not amused) by drunken students or somebody took it off to see if they could nick the bike and were then put off by the size of my chains, or if a biker just fancied it for himself.

All I have to say about that is “Get a job!”

What really makes me mad is that I read an article about this very thing only last week.

bq. Finally if you haven’t got a garage, a bike cover is a good idea. Canvas is relatively cheap, and breathes but don’t fold it up wet and forget it – it
will mildew and then disintegrate. They also get nicked as Natalie discovered last week – use a cheap bicycle lock through one of the eyelets (or use something like the Kryptonite disc/cable combination lock) and paint your postcode on it.

Did I do even the most simple of these suggestions? What do you think? So now my cover is in the hands of another with no distinguishing marks. Which is why I went roaming around Walpole Rd and the vicinity at 4am to see if I could claim it back and quickly write my name on it. No such luck. I’m going to wait until after the service to see if I can afford to replace it. I might even be able to retrieve it from a hedge, but I doubt it.

I’m leaving Storm at work tonight so I can run in tomorrow. Fool, I know. No Hannah with me this week 🙁 She’s got at least one exam every day, I think. We both seem to have come down with some kind of virus over the weekend, too. Nice

I hate you all.

One thought on “People are scum – period

  1. Carl

    We hate you too :p This has a horribly familiar feel to it. Sort of like when some little shitstain on the bog roll of humanity took it upon themselves to break into our car, twice, in the same night. Dunno whether he/she/it was practicing or something, but the little scrotum managed to bend both of the doors on the car, costing us a princely £550 to repair it.

    People suck. It’s a well known fact, sadly.


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