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By | 20th May 2003

Had a complete ‘mare last week.

On top of having my bike cover stolen, my worst fears over Storm’s service were confirmed. I rode down to Chichester, and was given a complete hunk of junk of a Honda CB500 to ride back. “It’s got some petrol in it, apparently”. I took that as “it’s not got much petrol in it” and went off, hoping to find a petol station fairly soon. Of course, nothing.

I missed the only service station on the M27, foolishly, and ran out of fuel between Portsmouth and Southampton. Suffice to say that I had to make a red-faced call to the RAC.

I then got a phone call from the garage, saying that Storm’s forks are bent. Bad enough news in itself, but as they say “and there’s more”. They didn’t have the parts to fix it, and they couldn’t book me in for a month. They also quoted £750 just for the forks to be sorted. Ouch. I phoned up a more local Suzuki dealer, and they quoted pretty much the same. I was not in the best of moods by now. Anyhoo, I spent the rest of the day alternately sweating, feeling sick, and phoning other alternatives. I finally found a small local garage who basically said “how much?!”. Which made me feel better. I’ve taken Storm there, and they reckon the forks can be straightened, rather than replaced. Phew. I still got stiffed for £120 for a change of oil and spark-plugs, though. I’ll be avoiding the big dealers in future. Stick to the small, independent garages.

So, with Storm out of action, I had to get the train up to Birmingham this weekend. Hannah is in the middle of exams, and seems to be coping with them a lot better this year. On saturday morning we went to the gym, and my arms STILL ache. We went t’ pub in the evening, for Kat’s birthday. On Sunday, we went out for lunch, Hannah’s treat 🙂 (she’s a goodun) and went to see X2 in the evening, it was pretty good. I also want to see:

* Matrix Reloaded (goes without saying)
* Anger Management (slightly ashamed about that)
* Bringing Down The House (ditto)
* The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (It’s Sean!)

Films I do NOT want to see:

* Kangaroo Jack

On monday morning, I woke up feeling like utter cack and went back to sleep. Hannah phoned work for me, and I didn’t really wake up again until lunchtime. Still not feeling great, and it’s still raining. W00t.

I’ve also bought a futon for £15, £90 from IKEA. The first step towards joining Fight Club. Just got to go and get it, now. Cheers Chris.

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