Biking again

By | 22nd May 2003

Woo, got Storm back this morning. £229.63 IIRC, to straighten the forks, replace the rear tyre, replace a brake lever and put it through the MOT (which it passed) including labour. A bit better than £750 for the forks alone. The choke is still sticky, though. He forgot I’d asked him to look at that. I’ve now booked it in for a full service, where he’ll look at carburation and things like that. He reckons that will be around £100. It’s costing me more than I would have liked, but I’d be happier to have it all sorted at once so I can contemplate doing the small servicing tasks myself. I didn’t want to do anything much until I’d had someone who knew what he was talking about look at it. So altogether, it looks like it will have cost me around £500 for this round of mechanicals. I could have avoided nearly £100 of that by going with a more local garage in the first place. Bummer. Still, lessons learned and all that.

All the more reason that I’m pleased to have the opportunity to go for some Mission Pay. Effectively overtime linked to targets, it should give me between £300-400 extra on my July pay cheque, which will be nice.

In that case, I’d better get my arse in gear. Hannah’s coming to the end of her exams, and we’re house-sitting for her uncle and aunt next week. That will be nice; double bed in a big, luxurious house 🙂

Righto, that’s your lot for now. Bye

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