Multi-cultural, innit

By | 4th June 2003

We had a nice evening last night. Went to our first GUI Test team meal. Hayfa did us a Malaysian meal. Vegetable curry, rice cakes, some nice potato fritter thingies, peanut sauce and some other yummy things.

It’s the first time in ages that I’ve had a good discussion. We talked about all sorts of subjects from getting wasted and making a fool of yourself to the death penalty and Sharia law. The thing I found most interesting was having people from such different backgrounds. It helps free you from the White, Western mindset.

We had 4 white, english (2 male and 2 female), 1 male Indian Hindu, 1 male Pakistani Hindu, 1 male Pakistani Muslim, 1 female Malaysian Muslim and a couple of others I’m not sure about.

It was a bit more enlightening than your usual houseparty conversation, anyway.

We’re going to Reading tonight to see Hannah’s family, and then on Friday down to Devon for nearly a week, hopefully it will be nice weather so Hannah can wear her new bikini on the beach. I’ve just found out that my mate Chris Mardo is going to be at home this weekend so we’re going to meet up and meet his new girlfriend, Julia. That’ll be cool.

Other than that, if it’s sunny we’ll go to the beach. If it’s not, we’ll go to nice places around Devon and drink lots of tea 🙂

I can’t believe flippin’ Liverpool is our nomination for European City of Culture 2003.


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