Free, free as a bird

By | 19th June 2003

Right, then. I don’t post here very often, because I don’t have a lot to say. That’s what blogging is about though, really. Millions of people spewing rubbish into the ethernet (see what I did there?) and clogging up Google with their blithering.

So, I decided this morning to try a bit of a kind of free association-type experiment. I don’t really know how to go about this, though. I don’t tend to say much unless I have something to say…

Oh, bummer. I’ve just found out that what I was thinking of isn’t called free association. Free association is more like this:

  1. Arbitrary::fish
  2. Sweatshop ::fish
  3. Cotton ball::fish
  4. Intimate::fish
  5. Forgotten::fish
  6. Photography::fish
  7. Secretary::fish
  8. Stadium::fish
  9. Purpose::fish
  10. Shoe box::fish

And frankly, I can’t be bothered.

So I went to school, I ate a Tadpole. While I was doing this, the headmaster came up to me and said “what on earth are you doing, my boy?”

“Eating a tadpole”, I said. “Why on earth would you want to chow down on an antipodean rock band?”, he said. “Oh bite me” I said and he immediately turned into a gazelle and went bounding off as if all the cheetahs of hell were after him.

“That was odd”, I thought and went about my business.

There you are. Some more blithering for the Great Omnipotence Of Greater Lesser Ether.

Arrividerci or summat

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