Monthly Archives: July 2003


Well, the plan for becoming a bus driver has progressed one stage further. I have an interview with Travel West Midlands. Typically, it’s on my birthday (5th August for anyone who might have forgotten 😉 I have to be there for 8.30am. I have to do a written test, driving assessment, interview and medical questionnaire.… Read More »

Regarding a lack of posting

Well, I don’t know how that’s happened. I could have sworn I had made more posts recently. I haven’t been working the past two weeks, I registered with the agency but no work yet. It feels weird not going to work every day like I have been for the past year. I do find it… Read More »

End of an Era

My last day at IBM today. It’s a bit weird, I don’t really feel it’s sunk in yet. I’ve been collecting a few items of memorabilia. We’re going out for lunch as a team today, after a free lunch for the whole department yesterday. I’m going through all the last-minute things I have to do.… Read More »


I had my driving lesson last night. It was pretty fun. The instructor was a good one, friendly and encouraging but also critical. He drove me across town to a quiet residential “proving ground” where I drove around doing lots of left turns followed by lots of right turns, then basically just drove around getting… Read More »


Really Quite Bored. That’s what that stands for. I’ve got a week and a day left working here, and I’m looking forward to finishing. I’m feeling really sleepy at the moment. I’m looking forward to my driving lesson, driving a van and starting work as a Kitchen Porter for 4 weeks. OK, so I’m not… Read More »

Zempt 0.3

Woo, this rocks. They’ve added proxy support to Zempt: in version 0.3 (I had to download an even newer version to make it work with my proxy) So I can now post without having to faff around with my browser. Which is nice. Seems pretty nice so far.