By | 27th July 2003

Well, the plan for becoming a bus driver has progressed one stage further. I have an interview with Travel West Midlands. Typically, it’s on my birthday (5th August for anyone who might have forgotten 😉

I have to be there for 8.30am. I have to do a written test, driving assessment, interview and medical questionnaire. They somehow reckon that the whole lot will take about 5 hours. I don’t quite know how, because I rang up to find out what the driving assessment would entail and it’s only 20 minutes of general driving in a Toyota Previa or a small minibus. Apparently they won’t be making me do manoeuvres and stuff, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m hiring a car on Wednesday just to have a day of driving around to boost my confidence again.

I’m kind of looking forward to it now. I’m mugging up on the Highway Code and stuff and we’re going to go up and stay in a B&B in Brum the night before. We’re thinking about going to Cadbury World afterwards. Should be fun 🙂

They teach me to drive a bus in 10 days, bit scary.

2 thoughts on “Interview!

  1. susie

    cadbury world is fun, but at some point on the tour the smell gets to you and makes you feel so pukey. i can’t really remember it very well though since i went there on a school trip when i was about 12. so this is a bit of a useless comment really. ah well.

    good luck for the interview.

  2. hannah

    I like chocolate:) BUT not as much as i like joe. I love you darling, good luck on tues mexxxxx


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