Of Holidays, Landlords and Vans

By | 26th August 2003

Well, what a palaver.

We had a nice holiday in Anglesey. Relaxing, but we managed to fit in some fun/interesting stuff too. In brief, went to a Roman Fort, a slate museum, a castle and a museum of childhood. Beached a bit and climbed Snowdon.

We also got a bit of an earth-shattering call from our landlord-to-be. We were planning on moving into our flat today, but he called to say that the current tenants weren’t moving out. The situation now is that one tenant has moved out, the other is moving out today and we’ve cancelled the van for today. Now I can’t get hold of the landlord so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to move in tomorrow or not. There are issues with getting keys and also booking another van at such short notice. To top it all off, my previous landlord has dragged his feet over returning my deposit, I should be getting it in the post tomorrow minus £50 for cleaning. Gah.

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