Little things

By | 2nd February 2004

Another little nice thing happened today to help restore my faith in parts of humanity.

Hannah and I went to buy a new CD player to replace my slowly dying one. While there we also bought some nice, but heavy wicker goods. We were then struggling home with them and my arms were falling off as, I think, were Hannah’s. Just as I thought I wasn’t going to make it, a flower delivery man offered us a lift in his van. It was a small gesture that took him about 2 minutes of his time, but it made a big difference to our day. It was just nice.

2 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Carl

    I hope you bought a big bunch of flowers from him! That’s a double whammy of greatness; you reward the flower bloke for being ace, and you get to spoil Hannah with off the cuff flower goodness. Dammit man, I bet you didn’t. You need more training 😉


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