Happy Thoughts

By | 30th May 2004

After a dearth of bloggable events, here are a few happy thoughts.

* I’ve finished my finals – a good thing overall, but scary as I need a job now
* Yesterday, we bought a “car”:/pics/rachael.jpg – no more cold, hunched journeys with nothing but the roar of the wind in my helmet to cause long-term auditory nerve damage
* Today we finally cut through the bureaucracy and have booked our wedding. Just over a year now. Woo!
* On Friday, we’re flying to Turkey for a week in the sun (with no money)
* On 17th June, we’re flying to Lanzarote for a week with our friends in a nice “villa”:http://www.jamesvillas.co.uk/villa.cfm?villa_id=353&booking=no&title=James%20Villa%20Holidays%20Casa%20Haizea&formaction=villa

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