Monthly Archives: August 2004


w00t! I had an interview yesterday. I have a job today. How good is that? Such a relief after filling in so many ridiculous application forms, this one came from a much nicer source. John Pinner at Clockwork Software Systems posted to the SBLug mailing list with a job opportunity. I replied with a copy… Read More »

Consuming the fruit of our labours

I ate pie for dinner this evening. It was an apple and blackberry pie, made with blackberries and apples picked from the wild. Very fine it was, too. We picked just over 3.5lbs of blackberries and over 4lbs of apples. The apples were rather underripe, but combined with the blackberries and a fair amount of… Read More »

Stupid people

This evening I went for a run in a local park. I had hardly got started when I heard crying and yelling from behind some bushes and a woman’s voice shouting “get off me” repeatedly. I ran around behind the bushes to find a man nonchalently calling his dog and a woman lying sobbing on… Read More »

Simple Pleasures

Today illustrated to me some of the joys of the simple things in life. It also illustrated bureaucracy at it’s most irritating, but I’m trying not to dwell on that. Today is my birthday. I spent the morning at the Job Centre being told I didn’t qualify for any support. Harrumph. This afternoon, Hannah and… Read More »