Consuming the fruit of our labours

By | 12th August 2004

I ate pie for dinner this evening. It was an apple and blackberry pie, made with blackberries and apples picked from the wild. Very fine it was, too.

We picked just over 3.5lbs of blackberries and over 4lbs of apples. The apples were rather underripe, but combined with the blackberries and a fair amount of sugar, it was most excellent.

Job hunting is not so much fun. I’ve applied for a post with Clockwork Software Systems which would be great. They’re a Linux software house who sponsored the UKUUG conference this year (which I didn’t make it to, but jcm did of course) and seem to have a lot to do with Python, which would be cool as I’ve been meaning to learn Python for ages.

We shall see, working in Open Source would rock.

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