By | 20th August 2004


I had an interview yesterday.

I have a job today.

How good is that?

Such a relief after filling in so many ridiculous application forms, this one came from a much nicer source. John Pinner at Clockwork Software Systems posted to the SBLug mailing list with a job opportunity. I replied with a copy of my CV, had an interview and was offered the job.

Clocksoft are a pretty cool company to be working for I reckon (of course I have no first-hand experience of this yet). They’re fiercely committed to Open Source software and are on the verge of releasing their Open Source payrolling system, PayThyme. It will be freely available and companies will pay for support. It seems like the best business model for Open Source to me.

I’ll be doing all sort of things, most likely involving Debian, Python, and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t think it’ll be boring as there will be a fair bit of variety. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m off to mug up on Perl now.

Just once more…


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