Hoooooooooow Long?

By | 1st December 2004

Well, it’s been a very long time since I last blogged. Every time I look at it, I seem to go blank.

Time for an update, I guess.

I’m enjoying my work. I’ve been doing a lot of work at Landrover’s plant in Gaydon. Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel and I think there will be a lot less involvement there soon. I’m starting to get involved in some other projects, some maintenance of existing software and some new; it will be good to be involved in the planning and design stage of a real project.

We seem to be perpetually busy these days. Most weekends we’re off and about in some part of the country or other. Next weekend we’re back down in Reading, then Nottingham for both the subsequent weekends. We’re spending Christmas together at home for the first time this year. It will be fun, I think, but I think we’re both feeling a bit weird about not being with family on the day. We’ll be going down to Reading for a few days on Boxing Day and then to Devon for New Year.

I’m trying to make better use of my free time. I got rather used to having hours in the day available for “fiddling” with whatever was interesting me at the time. Now, I struggle through the traffic after work and all I really want to do is sleep. We bought an acoustic guitar from the wonderful Mansons in Exeter to replace my SG that I sold when we were short of money. I’m making an effort to play it as much as possible and relearn everything I’ve forgotten. I’m also trying to get back into playing my cornet. It’s shocking just how badly my ability has degraded over the years. I wince at the lack of tone even playing a simple scale and lack the ability to play anything bar “twinkle, twinkle little star”, which only serves to make me more aware of the proximity of the neighours. Ho hum, they clump around and play Abba at irritating times of the day and night so they can live with it. 🙂

There, I’ve blogged. It wasn’t interesting but maybe I’ll get back into the habit now.

One thought on “Hoooooooooow Long?

  1. susie

    sounds like your lives are very much like ours at the moment. can totally identify with the never being at home for the weekends. makes me feel like my life is being owned by other people and i need to get back some control.

    we were going to do the christmas at home on our own thing too, but we went to brum last weekend for a big family occasion and it was so much fun it made me feel sad that we would miss out on it all. so i guess it will be the usual trudging around the country. gah.

    (sorry, seem to have spent all comment talking about me me me). um…glad you have blogged again, keep it up, hoorah for enjoying work, say hello to hannah for us, see you soon hopefully maybe.


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