Back to reality

By | 5th July 2005

Whoa, I haven’t blogged in ages, and a lot has been going on.

First up, I’m married! After so long in the making, the wedding day finally arrived and went (almost) without hitch. Once we were all at the church it was all perfect. Hannah looked stunning and the kilts went down well. You can see pictures at the following locations:

* login with the username wrigley and the password 51373

* Susie Ebrey’s site
* Kat and David’s site

The honeymoon was nice and relaxing. We spent a lot of time absorbing the surroundings by sleeping in late and reading in the sunshine. We also went for a paddle on the Tamar in an open canoe (Hannah now wants one, and we do live a couple of minutes from the canal), pony trekking and Zap Cat surfing at Hayle.

The open (or Canadian) canoeing was with Canoe Tamar and I can heartily recommend them. Zap Cat surfing is great fun and I would dearly like to have another go. That was with Speedsail UK and they also do all manner of fun stuff like kite buggying and blo karting.

Europython was quite good. My first full conference, and it had some interesting talks. Lots to mull over and investigate further.

Now it’s back to reality. First day back, I was with my favourite client by 7.30am and it’s back to putting things together/up at home.

A very cut down version of the last month, but I’d only waffle on pointlessly and I have work to do.

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