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By | 29th August 2005

Hmm, it looks like I am not a blogger. I use it like I use a diary; in bursts of organisation, tailing off into apathy.

First off, ebuyer suck. They have been good in the past, but this last couple of weeks I have become more and more annoyed with them. I ordered a hard disk from them and it was delivered a week late. Not only that, but I was unable to contact customer service so had no idea what was going one. Finally, they delivered the wrong thing. I got a 20GB laptop disk instead of an 80GB 3.5″ disk. Argh!

The upside is, I found a really big lake a 2 minute walk from my office. This is A Good Thing ™. I can’t believe I’ve worked here for a year without bothering to find it. Mind you, David Chan has worked here for 3 years and he only found it last week.

It’s called Plant’s Brook Nature Reserve and it’s a big lake with a couple of smaller ones. It’s swarming with wildfowl (and other wildlife) and there is no better word for it than delightful. I’ve been down there a couple of times now and seen:

* Ducks of various types (mallard and a type of diving duck I can’t put a name to)
* Coots
* Moorhens
* Swans
* Great Crested Grebes
* Gulls
* A heron
* A number of dragonflies
* A kingfisher!

I took Hannah down there for lunch today as she has joined me in the office for the Bank Holiday. It was lovely.

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