It’s positive

By | 17th July 2006

…and so are we (I think). Scared witless, but generally pretty happy about it.

We’ve done two tests – I guess because we couldn’t quite believe the first one and, once we’d almost come to terms with the idea, to make sure that it was still there.

All a bit of a shock, really, but there’s no question that we want this baby. So, although it’s a bit earlier than we planned, we’re getting ready to be parents. Hannah’s gone into a frenzy of list-making in-between moody outbursts and eye-goggling nausea. She’s obviously taken it upon herself to exhibit every symptom in the book to make sure that she feels pregnant. She’s up 5 times a night peeing, feels sick all day, has sore (and rapidly inflating) breasts, acute dappiness at times – combined with forgetfulness – and mood swings. Whoop!

With this in mind, we’ve accelerated the house selling programme and the throttle has got stuck. Suddenly we’ve had our first viewing and an offer (declined) and then a second offer from the same couple (accepted). It’s all very real all of a sudden and now we have to find somewhere to live.

That being so, Hannah also decided to completly uproot the goalposts and told me that she doesn’t think we should move to Somerset. So we’re moving to Devon, somewhere in the area that my mum and dad live. This, of course, was after some lengthy discussion. I wouldn’t like you to think that I just do whatever Hannah says. (Yes, dear.)

It’s hard to get to grips with the time frame. Of course, one assumes there are 9 months left to do everything and it will be fine. Nearly 7 weeks have ticked by, by the time we’ve confirmed the reason that Hannah’s been feeling so weird lately. That means that we’ve already lost a goodly chunk of the first trimester! Freaky.

So much to be done, but we want to get moved into the new place well in advance of the birth. Then we can all be Devon babies 🙂 Goodness knows how we’re going to pay for it all, I’ve no idea how other people manage it.

That’s all for now, I think. Time to go and have a quiet panic attack.
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