Big Belly

By | 21st July 2006

I can’t believe it – I’m sure my belly is looking bigger already – but I think most of it is caused by bowel distension and water retention. I was rather taken aback today when the mother-in-law of the people buying our house asked “when are you due?”. I really thought it wasn’t noticeable! Slight panic in case it’s twins now – but more likely I’m just getting too fat too quickly or maybe she just recognised the look of nausea on my face!

Going to see the doctor on Monday to discuss transferring my antenatal care to Tiverton Hospital. I want to have my booking in appointment and first scan there if possible rather than fragment my antenatal care.

In the meantime we’re still trying to keep things quiet- although it’s becoming increasingly difficult. We’re going to Reading this weekend and Devon the weekend after. I am hoping no-one will notice the exhaustion, constant sickness, endless trips to the toilet and how “fat” I’m looking. We’ve decided to wait until Joe’s birthday to announce the pregnancy – seems like a good time to do it.
Between now and then, I’m still trying not to get too excited or anything because of the miscarriage last year. However, I do feel very pregnant this time around (with just about every symptom possible) which I’m taking to be a good sign that the baby’s doing OK.

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