First Midwife Appointment

By | 28th July 2006

We met Dawn the midwife today. She is very nice and just how a midwife should be (plump and smiley). It is a pity that she won’t be my midwife for much longer – I’ll have to change all my healthcare provision when we move.

She says that I’m 8 weeks pregnant and the baby will be due on the 8th March – however, because I have random, irregular, long cycles and I have no idea when I actually got pregnant, we’ll need the dating scan to be sure. The scan is booked for the 21st August – I really can’t wait 🙂

Other than that, there was a lot of paperwork to be done, random things like urine tests and taking down the medical history (which took some time). I am going to be under consultant care for the whole of the pregnancy because of my health problems and family history. I’ll be meeting my consultant on the 21st when I have my scan.

In the meantime, I’ve got some blood tests and more urinating and blood pressure monitoring on the 11th August and a tonne of booklets and leaflets to read through!

Going to tell the parents tonight! Bit scary, but I’m sure they’ll all be chuffed to bits.

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