Giving blood

By | 5th February 2007

This isn’t really baby related, but I gave blood today. I’ve been meaning to do it again for ages, but not got around to it. My Nanny was given 4 units over Christmas and it made such a difference that I realised anew how important it is that people give blood. Plus, there’s always the chance that Hannah might need to be given some (although I would really rather she didn’t need to). Anyway, they had a cute sticker, so here’s a picture of bump+sticker.

If you haven’t given blood lately, or ever, please go and do it. It doesn’t take long and it could really make a difference to somebody’s life. You can even sign up to book online and there are places to give it nearby, no matter where you live.


I also took a couple of pictures of the bump to give an idea of how big it is these days. We’re 34 weeks plus 4 days today, so the prospect of a further 5 weeks of growth is quite daunting – bearing in mind that Hannah’s mum gave birth to Jon at 34 weeks and he was already 7 pounds 2 and a half ounces!

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