Pease porridge in a pot…

By | 16th March 2007

9 days old.

Both feeling a lot more human today. We had what amounted to a full night’s sleep last night. Hannah went to bed just after 9 and got about 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In we were both able to get sleep in between feeds and nappy changes so in total it was a decent number of hours. We awoke to another glorious spring day. We hope to take Oscar out into the garden for a stroll/picnic later.

We had a visit from Lee, the midwife, today. She weighed Oscar and he’s almost back up to his birth weight already, 9lb 7.5ozs. Hannah can stop worrying about the quality of her breast milk now, I hope. Lee also removed Oscar’s cord clip. The cord is kind of hanging off now, so I don’t think it will be on for many more days. A bath later should soften up the sharp bit where the clip was.

Oscar is a little tiny bit yellow, but as the doctor said it’s probably just a touch of so-called breast milk jaundice.

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