By | 23rd July 2009

Hannah and Oscar were sitting in the back of Michelle’s car, singing “I am the music man” to try to keep Oscar and Natalie entertained. Hannah was asking each child in turn which instrument they’d like next. Oscar asked for the horn.

Hannah: “What sort of horn?”
Oscar: I can’t remember.
Hannah: “OK, we’ll do it with the French horn”
[singing ensues]
Oscar: “I’d like a different sort of horn”
Hannah: “What sort of horn would you like”
Oscar: “The horn on a car. Goes ‘beep beep’!”
[more singing]
Oscar: “I want another type of horn”
Hannah: “What sort of horn this time?”
Oscar (demonstrating with his hands): “I want you to take some paper from a tree and twist it into a horn and then blow it ‘brrrr’ like so!”

I really have no idea where he gets some of his ideas.

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