Self-medicating toddlers

By | 1st July 2009

We were up until 3 the night before last, with an Oscar who was refusing to sleep. He was being infuriating, but also unbearably cute.

Some time after 2am, he sat up and said:

“I’m not feeling very well. I need some Calpol, some Piriton and some Neurofen”.

He’s 2 years and 4 months old in a few days. This is madness.

Oh, and we honestly don’t give him any of those things excessively!

2 thoughts on “Self-medicating toddlers

  1. maedhros Post author

    he’s awesome.

    He did make me want to cry this morning. As I was about to go out the door to work:

    “Stop! Don’t go to work, Daddy!”

    heart bleeds


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