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  1. Hannah


    I have just seen the recent newspaper articles on your son Oscar. I noticed that you wanted to meet up with other parents of gifted children. I run a private international forum for parents of gifted children. We have between 200 and 300 posts a day from parents of children (of a variety of ages) who have children who are MG through to PG+.
    Most posters however, are US based, though there are a few of us UK parents. If you are interested in joining please email me…I am reluctant to give out the URL as the forum is private and I don’t allow unknown people in.
    My daughter (now 4.5yrs) is struggling in the UK education system. She was a self taught reader (started at 16mths old, by the time she was 24mths she had a reading age of 7yrs+ and then she took off)! She is now into maths and non-fiction. We joined the NAGC but their online forum was half asleep most of the time…so I set up my own!
    Please email me if you’d like to sign up. There are several other UK families living within a stones throw of your location and we regularly meet up. It is great to meet other kids that share our daughter’s passions and interests.
    All the very best to you, your son is an amazing little boy.


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