Monthly Archives: May 2010

What is this?

I’d be interested to know if somebody can identify this (it’s a little larger than a squash ball: UPDATE: The prize goes to Carl: It appears to be an air stone for fish tanks/ponds. Since yesterday evening it found its way through our rear windscreen: I’ve held back on the vitriol, but if I could… Read More »

Grok Runs Barefoot

Today I ran a 5K “Fun Run” organised by Microsoft on the business park I work on. The event was in aid of the NSPCC. I’d heard there was a prize for best costume, and I figured a caveman costume gave me a good excuse to run it barefoot. I didn’t win the best costume… Read More »

The grass is greener

Our “lawn” is looking decidedly unhappy, so I decided to give a bit of love to a section of it. I used a garden fork to aerate it a bit, and tried to sweep sharp sand into the holes. Seemed to leave a lot still above ground, at the roots, but I left it. As… Read More »