Reading Borough Council waste collection calendar

By | 3rd June 2010

Last year, Reading Borough Council provided printed calendars with the dates for collections of rubbish and recycling etc. This year, they don’t seem to have done so. It took a little while of chasing links around the site, but in the end I found an online version.

Go to My Reading and set your location by entering your postcode/address and it will give you a bunch of “widgets” including bin collection information. You can register on the site to bookmark things.

Go to Community and Living > Waste and Recycling – Reading Borough Council and enter your postcode, then click on your house number and you’ll get a summary of information tailored to your address.

Under Bin Day there should be a link to a pdf of the collection calendar from May 2010.

It might help somebody else…

2 thoughts on “Reading Borough Council waste collection calendar

  1. Mr. Fatbardh Tahiraga

    hi I have to ask you why My red bin wasn’t colect for last 5 weeks and my grey (blck) bin wasn’t colect for last 4 weeks?
    my address is
    RG2 7SX

    hear is a house which has been convertied to 2 flats 40 Long barn Lane and 40A long barn lane, is same buildding.
    we pay seperate council tax and we have seperate rubish bin
    please come and colect my wast as soon as posible because i have no where to through my rubish, only place let is street because I dont want my garden to be dirty because of your misstake
    I’m saying your misstake bicause bin/ s was outside on front of my entery on the road pawment


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